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  • Feature Film Development?

    Yes! We’ve decided to remind people even in San Diego, California that we are NOT HOLLYWOOD PLAYERS. So our “big project” is going to be Deadsville a feature movie that we will only work on and talk about on Saturdays. Why only that weekend day? It is a hat tip to the many Hollywood/professional entertainment…

  • Why So Small?

    It is the world we live in. There are bigger companies getting the bigger projects and working with bigger monies and have many employees. We decided to just be like a neighborhood company that does small projects close to home and easily handled by very few people. It is a choice and also a norm….

  • Do We Do? We Do…

    Small things. Our work is SIMPLE and usually done within a single day. Projects usually include some form of design work and fabrication. If we can’t create it all in house, we do subcontract. Mostly, it is artful and not expensive.