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Feature Film Development?

Yes! We’ve decided to remind people even in San Diego, California that we are NOT HOLLYWOOD PLAYERS. So our “big project” is going to be Deadsville a feature movie that we will only work on and talk about on Saturdays. Why only that weekend day? It is a hat tip to the many Hollywood/professional entertainment “Jews” who choose Saturday as a “day off” and “non-work day” and some even will not “handle a mechanical or electrical device”.

Deadsville theme and storyline TBD. It could take YEARS to develop just a story. No rush with a zero-funded hobby!

If you are interested in being a NON PLAYER with us, reach out some Saturday via email or respond to this post. If we don’t get back quickly, no worries! It’s all just play time anyway.

Update: Is now at the WGARegistry. NOT FOR SALE. Is about a rogue town of people! Imagine that. Inspired by San Diegans.

New artwork! And a button concept test: We think the chalkboard home with burning roof is fun!

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